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You may already know that DEVIL'S MAN, released by Changeling Press on July 29, 2005, was the first book of mine to be contracted. However, it's not the first book I've written. It's not even the first time I've been in published. Surprised?

The first time my work made it into print was a poem published in an anthology. I was paid in copies. I may still even have one of them around somewhere.

The first book I finished writing is a paranormal romantic suspense titled DEATH'S ANGEL. It spawned plot bunnies at a rate that would make their furry woodland counterparts proud. This story, and all its inbred cousins, now occupies a dark corner of my laptop. I live in fear that one day the Cave will be overrun with its progeny if that folder should ever see the light of day again.

Over my writing career many projects have lived and died an early death, most before they were a chapter old. The problem, it seemed, was that the good guys were better at being very naughty men. The women wanted to love them for it, in deep and carnal ways. Neither of which was appropriate for the market I'd chosen. Something had to change, and since the characters were uncooperative in overhauling their personalities, I decided to switch genres.

I jumped into erotic romance with both feet, eager to learn the ways of e-publishing. Unfortunately for my high hopes, my first forays were met with a similar lack of enthusiasm. What was a poor, struggling writer to do?

Find a pro willing to teach me the ropes. I lucked into a very supportive group of experienced erotica writers who showed me that romantic units weren't limited to hetero couples. I branched out into MM, ménage and inter-species lust. I stopped limiting my imagination and just let the characters tell the story their way.

The combination produced magic results. With a lot of coaching from my mentors, my first erotic novel, DEVIL'S MAN, not only reached full maturity but did so in such a form suitable for submission to Changeling Press. Less than two days after sending in my baby, I had an answer. My book had been accepted. I was going to be e-published!

From that moment on, my literary life has been a wild ride. I've met so many wonderful people, not only fellow authors but readers, artists, reviewers and all the people who work behind the scenes to shepherd a book from the author's hands to the readers. It takes an amazing amount of work to prepare a book for sale, and I am grateful to those who do it for little more than a love of it. And I'm equally grateful to each of you who thought my book might be worth the price on its cover and paid to find out if you were right.



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  • Do you have a Yahoo fan list or newsletter group?


    This is mostly an announcement / newsletter group but I also welcome questions.

  • Where do your ideas come from? What sparks a story?

    Everything. And nothing. It's a magical connection between fact and "what if"?

    I start out with a fact... for example, Blood Price. It had to be a vampire novel. How could I make mine different? What if the vampire was allergic to blood? What if he was allergic to all body fluids? A few more of those, and a story was born.

    If the answers to the questions hadn't produced a spark of plot, then I would have started over with a different "what if". There's really no way to predict what will make a story and what won't. But what if...

  • Do you have a favorite character from the books you've written?

    Right now, Sebastian from the Blood Oath series, without a doubt. There have been others I've adored before him, and I'm sure there will be others who will steal my heart after him. Some characters just stay with you forever...Sebastian is one of those, I think.

  • Is there anyone who inspired you to start writing?

    I would have to say John Stamos, the actor. I had a crush on him in junior high, so I started writing fantasies about him. I would also have to credit my friends and family who encouraged me to write down accounts of the wild things that have happened to me. Still haven't done that -- no one would believe me anyway -- but I think I came up with some pretty good alternatives. *smiles*



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