Blood Oath (Collection)
Sexual Coupling: Male/Male
Genres: Paranormal/Dark Fantasy

Blood Oath (Collection)

Blood Price

Steven is out for blood. It's a matter of life and death, his own. He's prepared to do anything he must to get it -- even try to pass himself off as a vampire on their own turf -- or die trying. Rainer, the local vampire lord, is in town to keep the peace between humans and vampires, a formidable task on All Souls Night. He spots Steven as a fake right away but is reluctant to evict the impostor until his curiosity about the delectable human has been thoroughly satisfied. Once together, unparalleled lust keeps them joined at the hip until a Halloween prank endangers both their lives. For either to survive, Steven and Rainer must decide if they're willing to pay the ultimate Blood Price.

Blood Magic

Sebastian, a young vampire, has been given lemons by life so many times that his mouth is in a permanent pucker. When he finds out his currently stable world is about to be disrupted for the worse yet again, he's in no mood to comply with the demands of a human witch sent to ensure the life-altering change comes to pass.

Teake, a natural witch, knows how to wield strong magic. What he doesn't understand is the unusual side effect magic seems to have on the young vampire Mother Nature has chosen to be his Blood Oath Guardian. He and Sebastian have little time to figure it out before their lives are threatened by the one thing they can't escape... their very natures.

Which calling will prove strongest...Blood, Magic...or Love?

A Marked Man

Sebastian, a former vampire, has a lot to learn about being a human again. Teake, the witch responsible for making his undead heart pulse with life -- literally now the other half of his soul -- has spent the last couple of weeks trying to teach him. Seb decides that Valentine's Day is a very good opportunity for the student to show the teacher how much he's learned about the very human trait called love. With a little help from a few of Teake's magical friends.

Blood Oath

Kassian, an ancient vampire, is angry over the loss of his lover and his house. The new witch assigned to make him a Vampire Lord is even more irritating than the last. Magic isn't real anyway. Can't they just shake hands and call it done?

Cypress, a master of the dark witchcraft forbidden to most of his kind, must perform the arcane rite which will imbue Kassian with magical powers. It's not his usual gig, but the blood drinker won't know the difference if he skips a step or two...

One tiny mistake puts the participants -- and the entire town -- in grave peril. Can these two cold, arrogant men find a way to love each other before darkness consumes them all?

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