Devil's Man (Collection)
Sexual Coupling: Male/Male, Male/Male/Male, Male/Female/Male
Genres: Paranormal, Dark Fantasy

Devil's Man (Collection)

Devil's Man

No doubt about it, Roman LaSalle is one handsome beast. However, sponsoring a promiscuous sex club on campus is not Professor Carter Dietz's idea of an appropriate academic pursuit. Roman's experience in Satan's realm has honed his talent for recruiting mortal souls for not-so-pure purposes. He vows to have the reclusive professor, one way or another. Roman's scheme to seduce Carter succeeds, to the great pleasure of all involved, but their tryst ends with dire consequences. To stay alive, Roman and Carter will have to face their deepest fears.

Between the Covers

Leah is a woman on a mission, to discover why Loveland College students are obsessed with having sex in her section of the college library. It has to stop before she and her battery operated boyfriend run out of juice. Deciding she needs expert advice, Leah turns to Sam, a Campus Security Detective. Unlike Leah, he's not into theories about the library having developed an erogenous zone or how someone could have put a lusty hex on the trysting spot. However, he wouldn't mind getting into her pants. Find out what happens to Leah and Sam as they seek the truth...Between the Covers.

Mayan Destiny

How would you like to give birth to a god?

Every hundred years, the god of birth, Ah-Cuxtal, needs to be reborn to refresh his supernatural powers. His mother and queen is selected through a hedonistic ritual conducted by Quiabelagayo, the god of pleasure and pain and Backlum-Chaam, the god of male sexuality.

Patrice Valez had always been fascinated by the Mayan ruins in Central America. She dreams about them, researches them, and finally gets a grant to study a set of ancient ruins she hasn't seen since her honeymoon. But when she arrives at the obscure temple, she's stunned, and not entirely happy, to discover her Mayan obsession has a purpose.

Bac and Abel know immediately that Patrice is the one to serve at Tal's side. When she balks at the idea, the two deities must find a way to convince her that spending the next hundred years helping Tal make babies has its rewards. Can scorching hot threesome sex turn fiercely independent Patrice into the nurturing mother goddess they need her to be?

Bump in the Night

Wade gets no respect as a ghost buster. His latest gig, proving that the famed Hoag Mansion isn't really haunted after all, gives him the perfect opportunity to showcase his skills. If he can debunk the ghosts here, he'll finally start getting the recognition he deserves. So when he hears noises, he leaps out of bed to find the source of the disturbance. What he finds instead are things that go BUMP IN THE NIGHT.

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