Dreams Eclipsed
Sexual Coupling: Male/Female, Male/Female/Male
Genres: Futuristic/Sci-Fi

Dreams Eclipsed

Janet's orgasms are earth-shattering. At least they are when she's Dreaming in the Zodiac, a virtual reality world created by Dr. Archer Tate. The problem is that, technically, a system shutdown shouldn't be possible, especially not from a mere cyber-orgasm. Gamely, Janet reveals every intimate detail of her Dreams for the team's troubleshooting analysis but several weeks later, the cause of the anomalous malfunction remains a mystery.

Archer blames Janet for the Zodiac's glitch. He just can't figure out how she's triggering it. Listening to her reveal her lusty Dreams, orgasm by orgasm, is driving him insane with lust for her. For the sake of the project and his sanity, he decides to Dream with her so he can catch her in the act and put this business to rest.

There's more to Janet's orgasmic Dreaming than mere mechanics. It takes someone who knows Janet's heart as well as her mind and body to create the disruptive orgasm. When the team psychologist, Liam, insists he's better suited for the job, Archer realizes he could lose something more precious to him than his machine.

Will sharing Janet with Liam solve their problems, or will he lose her forever?

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