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Kira Stone
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Publisher: Changeling Press




Welcome to Kira's Cave, where romance isn't limited by race, gender or species. Here, bad guys can be heroes, women don't wait to be rescued and love happens on a frequent basis. Explore the links and meet the characters who make Kira's literary world such a special place. There's always room for one more in the Cave!

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UNBROKEN -- Available now from Changeling Press!

A Razor's Edge BDSM Erotica Short

Love, Worship, and Obey. Master demands nothing less. Mine's devotion to Master is unwavering. Unbreakable.

But the Masters of The Place want something special to allow Master and slave to enter their elite ranks. They want Mine.

Master must choose. Initiation to this exclusive sect, or keeping Mine as he is -- unbroken.

Publisher's Note: Unbroken contains scenes involving BDSM club initiation that some readers may find disturbing.

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SHADOW RECRUIT -- Available now from Changeling Press!

Greg's last memory before waking is laying in a muddy ditch as bombs exploded all around him. Now he can only assume he's been captured by an enemy, unable to escape. That is until he meets a feline shifter, and Greg begins to believe that this place is no dream but a new reality.

Oganji has been with the Shadow Warriors long enough to know that he needs a mate to sustain not only his humanity but also his life. Not just a warm body, but someone he could love, respect and share his life with -- and get the same in return.

Greg and Oganji make an unlikely pairing. Can they find a spark of love in each other before time runs out?

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Stephanie Burke & Kira Stone
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