Paranormal Mates Society: Vol III (Featuring Insomnia)
Sexual Coupling: Male/Male
Genres: Paranormal, Humor and Satire, Dark Fantasy

Paranormal Mates Society: Vol III (Featuring Insomnia)

Insomnia by Kira Stone

Sanders "Sandy" Mann manages a peaceful inn. It's a prime situation in which to carry out his real job, shepherding people into the realm of Morpheus for a night of dream-filled R&R. However, watching over a bunch of sleepy guests has put his sex life into a deep coma. He joins the Paranormal Mates Society in the hopes of meeting a man who is immune to his slumberous aura.

Pe-Ben, aka Pete Benjamin, brings winter to the lands of the Abenaki people, a part-time job for a full-time God. It's a lonely existence as everyone he meets falls asleep after a few minutes of conversation. Can Paranormal Mates Society find a man able to resist the lullaby quality of his voice?

No one is prepared, least of all the guests, for what happens when Sandy and Pete come together. There may never be another peaceful night in the inn again...

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