A Painter's Price
Sexual Coupling: Male/Male
Genres: Paranormal, Magic and Mayhem

A Painter's Price

Erik the Painter once lived a life of decadence and debauchery, sparing no thought for the turmoil his wanton behavior created. His callousness earned him a visit from the King's mage... and the curse that keeps him alive through the centuries. He has no mortal needs or concerns, save for the one night a year when he must sacrifice a piece of his soul to survive.

Jason has studied not only the work of Erik the Painter, but everything he could learn about the elusive man. When his dream to meet the artist comes true, Jason isn't prepared for the powerful erotic feelings the artist provokes in him. Yet there is nothing he can do but surrender, mind, body and soul.

Together, in a magical journey, they learn the true cost of A Painter's Price.

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