Tough Love
Sexual Coupling: Male/Female
Genres: Contemporary

Tough Love

Jade fears the deadly inner demons consuming her life. In a last-ditch attempt to beat them, she goes to Blossom House, a place that specializes in treating people with unusual problems. That's where she meets Cas, a man whose sole job is to love Jade until she is able to love herself again.

Tough love is what it takes to bring Jade back from the dark wasteland of her daily life. Cas is just the man to give it to her, in long, passionate doses. The way back from hell isn't easy, but with Cas's loving ways and lust-filled touch, Jade becomes whole again.

Or so she thinks. One night Cas' ex-girlfriend returns to Blossom House to harm the people Jade has come to care for the most. Will her erotic connection with Cas be salvation or lead to Jade's destruction?

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