Virtual Attraction
Sexual Coupling: Male/Male
Genres: The Fetish Club

Virtual Attraction

Five stories of passion beyond the Virtual World...

When Paul joins the owners of the hottest gay-owned interior design business in Northern California, Alex and Toby, at their secluded cabin, it's supposed to be a chance for them to work away from the distractions of the office. Instead Paul finds himself more distracted than ever -- and wanting to join in the fun.

Jaydin and Rufus have been together for months -- in VR. Today, for the first time, they're going to meet in real life. But sex in real life is a lot different than it is in the virtual world. No pose balls to jump on, no buttons to click. Just him and Rufus, and a first kiss that'll make for another sort of reality...

Andy is late for a very important date -- with Toby, one of the owners of Out Houses. Toby doesn't like to be kept waiting and decides to teach Andy a lesson by giving him a spanking. Not the traditional way to start an interview, but at Out Houses, anything goes.

A sea-side pier -- the perfect setting for romance. Kyler's planned an evening his lover will never forget -- in the virtual world.

Alex and Toby are great fun, but Paul wants a man of his own. Not just any man -- he's got his sights set on Andy. Which would be fine, except Andy's not looking his way. Is he?

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