About Me

Kira Stone has been around the block…the writer’s block, that is.

From vamps and witches to historical heroes, from futuristic scientists to paranormal corporate executives, from Canadian werewolves to off-world shifters, Kira has written about them all. Manlove has sparked hot and heavy in many of her plots, but Kira also finds a lucky lady to keep the sexy heroes company from time to time. While Scotland remains her favorite place in the world, Kira is constantly in search of new adventures to add to the creative primordial ooze where her best stories are born.


Kira Currently Reads Books By

K.F. Breene — DemiGods of San Francisco… who doesn’t love a little humanity with their god-like magic?

John Conroe — The Demon Accords… Vampires and witches and werewolves, oh my!

Renee George — Grimoires of a Middle Age Witch… You’ll never look at your garden gnome the same way again.

Marteeka Karland — Bones… hot motorcycle, ex-military Alpha males and their strong heroines (age gap)

Giulia Lagomarsino — Reed Security… ex-military men who cheat death and the women who love them.

Robyn Peterman — Good to the Last Death… Grab a toothpick and squeeze your weenus! (If you don’t laugh while reading this series, you’re not human.)

Harley Wylde — Dixie Reapers… hot motorcycle ex-military Alpha males and their strong heroines (age gap)