• Can baracuda jump into boats?  ANSWER:  Shallow ones, yes, although there are very few confirmations of this.
  • Where did Agatha Christie go when she went missing for a year. ANSWER:  To the best of my research, no one knows.
  • What is the second largest shark?  ANSWER:  The Basking Shark
  • Where is the physical horn located in most car engines? ANSWER:  Behind the radiator
  • What is a geoduck?  ANSWER:  A species of very large, edible, saltwater clam.
  • Why does black pepper make one sneeze?  ANSWER:  Pepper, be it white, black, or green, contains an alkaloid of pyridine called piperine. Piperine acts as an irritant if it gets into the nose, thus making you sneeze to get rid of it.
  • Is it possible to die from drinking too much water?  ANSWER: Yes
  • What element is added to turn glass blue?  ANSWER:  Copper


  • What is the lowest density rock on Earth?  ANSWER:  Reticulite
  • What kind of tourmaline is named after a food?  ANSWER: Watermelon
  • What is charoite and where is it mined?  ANSWER:  Charoite is agatized river moss that is mined from a riverbed in Russia (rumored to be all mined out).
  • Who set the standards of the four C’s (cut, clarity, carat and color)?  ANSWER: The Gemological Institute of America
  • When was the Kimberley Mine found?  1871 and was the starting point of the De Beer’s diamond empire.