Chasing Magic



Love -- and Magic -- find desperate lovers in unlikely places.

M/M, Genres: Magic, Werewolves, Fantasy

Chase: It is a madness that draws Chase to the Louisiana bayou, leaving his sister and his art studio behind. The fact that he longs to strip off his clothes and run naked through the swamp with the wild creatures who live there isn’t his first clue that something isn’t right with him… but it just might be his last.

A Painter’s Price: Jason has studied the Painter for years, but when he finally meets Eric he’s not prepared for the powerful erotic feelings the artist provokes in him. His need to touch Erik slowly overrides every other, until there is nothing he can do but surrender, mind, body and soul.

Rythan’s Becoming: Rythan knows he must harness his sexual energy and burn through his immature shell to truly Become an adult. But Becoming also requires the help of his catalysts, a pair of adults he’s never met, and water doesn’t combine easily with fire and air. Can Rythan pass the final test and meet his Destiny?

Publisher’s Note: Chase, A Painter’s Price, and Rythan’s Becoming have been previously published as single-title works.