She's a hot mess. He's a fixer. They're a match made in heaven, except for one angel's wish…

M/F, Genres: Age Gap, Fantasy

Chris is in Heaven, working hard to keep humans happy and healthy. He doesn’t Wish for a single thing in his afterlife, a problem that leads to serious consequences when Geena, a young, beautiful Angel in Training comes crashing into his immortal life. The Wishes he’s been collecting as payment for his work as a Guardian Angel have gone unspent and now when he tries to save the woman of his dreams, he brings trouble down upon both their heads… and bodies.

Geena has lost her MAN, her Mentoring Angel. On top of that, she keeps using the Lord’s name in her speech, which has gotten her silenced. She needs a Wish to get her lips unglued, but she can’t speak to earn one. She turns to the only person around she knows, a man with a Wish in his hand. In doing so, she unwittingly ties her immortal life to his and learns just how hot the quiet type can burn.