Tough Love



Jade needs a safe place to heal, but R Block is hiding a wealth of secrets that could harm her.

M/F, Genres: Capture Fantasy

After two years of fighting her demons and losing, Jade Rue is tossed in with the crew of R Block, Blossom House’s psychological healing area. Their methods are unusual, but with nowhere else to go, Jade figures she can ignore all attempts to draw her out of her shell until they release her, unchanged and uncaring. That is until she meets Cas, the man who claims to love her within five seconds of meeting her. The man she can’t live with, and the man who refuses to live without her.

Caspar Milokovich loves his job. Literally. His job is Jade Rue, and his task is to love her until she learns to love herself again. To be her self-respect. Her self-worth. With the help of his teammates in R Block and Dr. Scott who oversees the program, the process should be easy. They’ve done it a dozen times before. Except Jade is proving to be a hard nut to crack.

And that doesn’t take into account the strange and dangerous occurrences in R Block no one, not even the security expert, can explain…

What happens when danger comes for all the residents of R Block? Will Jade and Cas form a bond strong enough to survive the trouble ahead?